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GOAT | Thematic weeks

The theme explored by the GOAT participants was cooking. A synergy of three cuisines and three cultures was their challenge. They cooked together with their mothers but also cooked as "master chefs", healthy drinks- smoothies, fruit salads, pancakes, chocolate chip cookies and ukrainian dumplings

14 May: Mother's day

You don't need to know all the languages of the world to understand the language of love. The word that unites them is the word mama, in English, in Ukrainian, in Greek. Happy birthday to their own mothers is sent by the children of the G.O.A.T. project, who are always by their side as the biggest supporters.


GOAT | Thematic weeks

In the second cycle of the Greatest of all Time (GOAT) programme, participants are faced with new challenges and themes. In their engagement and involvement regarding the arts, they visited the MOMus Museum of Contemporary Art, observed works, artists and materials and their own result is now the following:

Knowledge Opportunities: "Unity Engine" code workshop for students.

Students of the city and members of Thessaloniki TechLab had the opportunity to attend a 2-day workshop. The participants talked about games today and the industry and what it takes to make a game. They then built their own project in the Unity game engine and created a Space Invaders-like game.

Wednesday 12 April: Completion of the 1st cycle of the project The Eco Side of Art

The first cycle of The Eco Side of Art programme, which is taking place at Thessaloniki TechLab, has been successfully completed. The participants attended 8 workshops aimed at raising awareness on environmental issues through artistic activities. During the workshops they learned how to operate the 3D printer and designed their own models that they printed using the tinkercad software, used 4K cameras, wrote the script and built everything necessary to produce a stop motion video short. The result of their work can be seen in the video at the side. εδώ.

Monday 3 April: Meteorology Day

Speaker: Maria Christodoulou
Participants: 40 participants, 1 High School of Stavroupolis

On the occasion of the meteorology day, we were joined by the Physicist and Meteorologist Christodoulou Maria who works at the Meteorological Applications Centre at Thessaloniki Airport. The action was attended by 40 participants (A Lyceum) and 2 teachers of the 1 General High School of Stavroupolis. With Ms. Christodoulou we saw concepts such as weather, climate, the way and the machines that are used to take measurements and the way in which meteorologists can influence the weather.


Start of the 2nd round of G.O.A.T.

The second cycle of the Greatest of all Time programme started on 20 March, and is due to end on 26 June. All the participants of the first phase of the program continue to follow the activities of the American Corner, but new participants have been added. In the month of March, 8 workshops were held for the participants around the themes of art, spring and vocabulary regarding the 6 human senses.

Thursday 30 March: World Down Syndrome Day

Speaker: Gerovassiliou Chrysa
Participants: 8th Grade, 1st High School of Stavroupolis, 35 students

On the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day, we had the pleasure to host the 8th grade of the 1st High School of Stavroupolis.

Through a quiz we learned:
Today Down syndrome is called and........Trisomy 21
People who have Down syndrome have.....47....chromosomes

Down syndrome as trisomy 21 was identified by.....Jerome Lejeune

We looked at concepts such as: empathy, awareness, inclusion and the most important realization we made is that in all situations our most important tool is knowledge!

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD), the day when the Down syndrome community creates a unified global voice to advocate for the rights, inclusion and well-being of people with Down syndrome.It is a day when we gather and organize activities to promote public awareness of the genetic disorder. The aim is to educate others about the importance of supporting our friends and family who have directly or indirectly experienced life with Down syndrome.


February 28: Internacional Day of Women and Girls in Science

Speaker: Iro Beniskou, Health and Safety Manager at TITAN Cement Group
Participants: 1st High School ofEukarpia, 36 students-3 teachers

Hero Beniskou, working as Health and Safety Manager at TITAN Cement Group, shared her own experience of her studies and working environment with the students of 1 GEL Efkarpia. Through her own journey, she made us believe that science has no gender, everyone can succeed as long as they want to conquer knowledge and love what they want to do.

22 February: Sports and personal achievements: "Making a journey to EVEREST"

Participants: 2nd High School of Neapoli, 48 students, 3 teachers.

Marios Giannakou is an ultra-distance athlete and just before his journey to Everest he spoke at 2 General Lyceum of Neapolis about his own experiences through the theme, Sports and Personal achievements. We saw key points from his own achievements: ROUT 100 MILES, ROVANIEMI 150, Al Marmoom Desert Self Supported, 250K JUNGLE, ARCTIC ULTRA 500 K.,and through his experiences the message he conveyed to the kids is that if you want something badly enough and try for it, you will get it.


Friday afternoon we had a SUPER BOWL game. SUPER BOWLToday, February 17, we screened the SUPER BOWL.
Participants: 14 children (participants from Eduact workshops and from the sports program of CHANTH)

We stopped the game and commented and identified differences with similar sports and how we could play such a sport at school. A dynamic moment that we all enjoyed was Rihanna's performance!

Thursday, February 16 | American literature: black history month

Online event in collaboration with the American corners of Greece
Jori Krulder, in honor of Black History Month, presented an educational workshop on poems. The participants of the event were 5 from the 6 American corners of the country. We discussed some of the poems and observed Clint Smith's way of speaking and presenting them.

Saturday 4 February 2023 GEMS (Girls in Engineering Maths Stem)


Monday 31 January: Visual disability and sports

Speaker:  Dora Paschalidou - Paralympic Judo Champion, George Markopoulos - coach HEFAISTOS ATHLETE CLUB OF TYFLON
Participants: A High School-C High School, 1 GEL Evosmos, 52 children, 3 teachers 

Dora told us about her own story, her acquired visual disability, her path in sports, her preparation for Paris at the next Paralympic Games. The children asked their own questions and kept extracts of the discussion for the school newspaper.

Friday 27 January: the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

Documentary screening: Holocaust Film Showing
Introduction: Kostas Vasileiou Gerovassiliou Chrysa
Participants:  B Gymnasium 4th Gymnasium of Ampelokipi, 50 children, 3 teachers

Discussion points: the way they categorize people, the star sign, the rights they were deprived of before the concentration camps, how many people fled to America and in what ways.

Thursday 26 January: Martin Luther King Jr.

Hybrid meeting on the theme of Martin Luther King Jr.
Speaker: Gerovassiliou Chrysa
Participants: A Lyceum - 2nd District of Stavroupolis, 44 children, 2 teachers

Learning about his history, his work and his speech, we discussed the concept of segregation and discussed their own corresponding speech they could make today, based on I have a dream.

Wednesday 25 January Embassy visit

His first visit at Thessaloniki Tech-Lab for 2023, just been completed!
We were joined today by Ms Kristin Roberts Counselor for Public Affairs at U.S. EMBASSY ATHENS.
We exchanged ideas for upcoming projects and started the cake cutting tradition at the thessaloniki tech lab! Children from Ukraine participating in the GOAT program met Ms. Roberts who cut and distributed a cake with lucky Aleksander winning the coin.

Monday 23 January: Martin Luther King

Hybrid meeting on the theme of Martin Luther King Jr.
Speaker: Gerovassiliou Chrysa
Participants: A High School - 1st District of Stavroupolis , 25 children, 1 teacher

Learning about his history, his work and his speech, we discussed the meaning of segregation in their own everyday life